Cambridge Student Greens

What does the Green Party stand for?

The Green Party is far from being just an 'environment' party. We stand for:

  • People before profit
  • The environment and the future
  • Human rights for people of every race and for asylum seekers
  • Safe, reliable, cheap public transport
  • Free, properly-funded education and health services
  • Decent housing for all
  • Accountable policing
  • Peace and global justice
  • Protection of animals
  • Democratic and accountable government

... amongst other things. See our campaigns and issues section for more information.

Full policy listing

The national Green Party of England and Wales maintains a full and very thorough policy listing called the Manifesto for a Sustainable Society. This is updated regularly at national party conferences.


The Cambridge Green Party Constitution is also available, as is information on the local party's organisational structure.