Cambridge Student Greens


Every new member, every new supporter and every extra vote for the Green Party convinces the political establishment, the media, the professional bodies and the public that Green politics is worth taking seriously.

Supporting organisalions like Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace is important, but not enough. The Establishment encourages pressure groups because they divert dissenting skills, energy and money from the political sector. To change the structure of society - the cause of the present environmental and social crisis - it is essential to also put pressure where it has most impact - within the electoral system.

Green politics is not just about fighting elections. Successful national and local campaigns to make all of our lives better continue throughout the year. The more members we have the more campaigns we can run and the more elections we can fight. But more than that. The more members we have the more authority Green politics has with both the Government and the media.

Cambridge Student Greens

At present we don't have a membership scheme as such, but do get in touch if you'd like to keep in contact with what we're doing and potentially get involved.

Cambridge Green Party

The Cambridge Green Party has a local party membership scheme, or you can join the national party.